December 7, 2010

Heath Bar Punch Bowl Cake

For Clint's 28th birthday we had a huge shrimp boil at our house. It was so much fun!! We had the boil (GF)with potatoes, corn on the cob and shrimp and then I made cheese biscuits (not GF) and Jambalaya (GF). There were about 15-20 people there so I wanted to make an easy 'cake' that was going to be something different than just a typical birthday cake. I remember my mom making this cake when I was younger for big parties. Now I know why, it's so easy and so tasty!! Everyone at Clint's birthday party loved the cake, including our friend Jonathan who had recently moved to Central Arkansas from New Orleans, where he grew up. I seriously think he ate half of the cake. I still laugh about how much he ate that night! Well enough of me babbling, here's the recipe for Heath Bar Punch Bowl Cake!!! Enjoy!!

1 Chocolate Cake Mix (The new Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil's Food cake mix is perfect for this)
1 Large tub of whipped topping
2 packages of Heath Bar topping (this can be found on your baking isle)
2 packages of "Dream Whip" (This is an easy chocolate mousse mix. Make sure you read the box and the other ingredients you'll need to actually make the "Dream Whip" into chocolate mousse)

Make the chocolate cake per directions on the box and make the "Dream Whip" per directions on the box. Make sure you give the mousse time to "set" before you put the cake together.

Once the cake has cooled completely and the chocolate mousse is "set", cut the cake into small squares. If the squares fall apart and crumbles a little bit, that is ok, you just don't want it to be completely crumbles of chocolate cake.

You can assemble the cake into a punch bowl or into a big bowl that you have. My punch bowl is currently in storage so the last time I made this, I assembled in a big bowl that I have.

Layer the cake into the bowl in this order, cake, chocolate mousse, whipped topping, heath bar. Continue the layers until everything is gone but make sure that the heath bar is the last layer on top.

Ok, my mouth is watering... Time to go make a Heath Bar Cake!!!!

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