December 5, 2010

John's Slaw

So, to just go ahead and get this out there, I do not like cabbage... Cooked, raw, however it comes, I don't like it. BUT-when I would come home from school growing up and mom said we were having 'John's Slaw' for dinner, I was pretty excited and yes, it involves the dreaded cabbage!

John's Slaw is something my family has been eating for years and it's one of our favorites! I remember sitting on the bar stool in the kitchen while my mom would pour all the ingredients for the dressing into the bowl. It looked absolutely disgusting but tastes SO GOOD!!!! So, below is the recipe for one of my favorite side dishes of all time!! And yes, when I finally introduced it to Clint, he loved it too!! What a relief!!!!

2 3/4c. Sugar
2c. Mayo
2c. Ketchup
1/2c. Vinegar
1T. Mustard
1t. Worcestershire Sauce

Mix ingredients well with a whisk. Let sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving so that the sugar can dissolve. Serve over finely grated cabbage. Cut ingredients in half if only serving 2 people.

Side Note:
John's Dressing is also very tasty on grilled chicken or as a dipping sauce for chicken strips or french fries!!

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