December 8, 2010

Spinach Dip

This recipe seems to be one of my favorite 'go to' dips when I have a little party. I remember making it for my friend Cara Beth's lingerie party before she got married. I made a double recipe that night and by the time all the girls left, the spinach dip was gone. They loved it and all night we kept telling each other that it's so good for us because there's spinach in it!!! Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm craving it. I just may have to make it this weekend!! I hope you like it as much as all my friends and I do!!

1 package of frozen spinach
1 package of cream cheese
1 block of monterrey jack cheese
1c. grated parmesan cheese
1 can of Rotel
1 purple onion, chopped or grated

Take package of frozen spinach and thaw it out in the microwave. Make sure you drain the water. Cut the cheese in to small cubes. Place all ingredients in a medium size pan on low heat and cover. Stir occasionally so the cheese doesn't burn on the bottom of the pan.

Served best hot or warm with tortilla chips or gluten free pita chips.

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