June 27, 2012

Preparing for Company

As some of my readers may know, I am having a heart procedure on Monday. It's a very simple/routine procedure and oddly enough, I am not nervous at all! Now, if you ask me Sunday night, I might have a different answer, but right now, Thursday morning at 1:23am, I am excited!

With my husband's busy training schedule, he is not able to take any time off to help me recover when all this is over. Let me rephrase that, he IS able to take time off but, it will set him back in his training and that is the last thing I want!!! He has worked so hard to get to this point and I won't let some silly little procedure mess up his hard work! Fortunately, he will be by my side and in the waiting room on the big day and it will not mess up his training schedule, but beside him in the waiting room will be my Mom, Dad and little sister, and of course, our daughter.

My Mom and sister, Bradey, will arrive sometime Sunday afternoon. They are going to make the sixteen hour drive to Jacksonville, from central Arkansas. My Dad, is going to have to fly because of his job. I will insert here and say that I am blessed with a Dad who is an amazing Music Pastor. God has given him such an incredible gift and I can honestly say, I miss worshiping with him on Sunday mornings. His church has been doing mission projects all over their city this week and Sunday is their big wrap up day, so that is definitely a "Do not miss" day!!! By Sunday evening at 9:45, my family should be reunited and returning to my house from the airport! I feel like a kid getting ready for Christmas! I am so excited! The six of us haven't been together, under one roof, since December 30th, and in my opinion, that is entirely too long!

I am that girl that does way too much in preparation for company to arrive. I wash their sheets on the day of their arrival so that they are as fresh as can be, I make sure that they have a nice body wash and hair products in their bathroom, I fold their bed back (and occasionally place a mint or chocolate), I make sure that breakfast is already made for the next morning, the coffee pot is ready and coffee mugs are on the counter waiting for them. I'm starting to think I missed my calling in life as the owner of a Bed and Breakfast. Sometimes in preparation for guests, Clint tells me I overdo it. I guess he's right, I mean, they are coming in town for my heart surgery, they aren't coming for a spa vacation. I guess I just want them to feel like they are. Am I crazy? Please someone tell me that I am not the only one out there who gets a little too excited about guests staying with you and it is possible that you go a little too far above and beyond.

I know this for certain, on Sunday, I am making a nice loaf of banana bread, a loaf of gluten free sandwich bread and possibly some GF Oreos. I also have them a "goodie basket" made for the waiting room on Monday. Yes, that probably is a little too far, but my surgery could take anywhere from two-six hours, they may get bored and hungry! I just want the best for my guests. Even though they are staying in a 1300 square foot townhome in a semi-ghetto neighborhood, I want them to feel as if they are at a semi luxury resort with all the amenities!!!

OH! Fresh flowers too! ;)

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