September 27, 2012

Poisoned... Ugh.

I love the rare occasion that we get to dine out! Seriously! With an "allergy" and a toddler, it's near impossible these days. I know restaurants that offer gluten free dining have become more available for people like us but sometimes, I wish they just wouldn't offer it if they can't keep their gluten and gluten free areas separated.

Sunday after church, we dined at Mellow Mushroom over in Jacksonville Beach. For starters, they were SO busy because the Jaguars (football) were on TV in the bar. That should have been my first red flag. If they are really really busy then they probably aren't going to be careful. Secondly, our pizza came out and was still cold in the middle, to the point that the cheese wasn't even melted. To me, that's a total bummer because on the rare occasion that I do get to dine out, it's even more rare that I get to eat pizza. REAL pizza, from a restaurant, not the kind I make at home. I ate one piece and shared a piece with my little girl. Apparently, I shouldn't have eaten at all!!!!!!

On our way home, I started getting a headache. I didn't think anything of it because we sat outside and it was very bright and when it's bright like that, I tend to get a little headache. BUT, as the evening progressed, my headache got worse and I was very nauseas. Sunday night, I went to bed elevated and with a killer headache and woke up a lot during the night with the same thing. The next morning, I felt ok, still had a headache but decided to power on!!! I ran over to base and got my sister a little "college care package" together and mailed it to her and then went for a walk with a friend. During this time, I started having some of the worst stomach cramps imaginable. Luckily, when we got home, Hadley went down for a nap and I was able to sit in agony and do my Bible Study (inbetween trips to the bathroom of course). It was one of the worst cross contamination issues I have had!!! Anything I ate or drank on Monday would go straight through me. My husband kept telling me that I needed to get fluids in me and I refused!!! Told him that I would drink water or gatorade as soon as my stomach chilled out!!! Ugh... I'm so glad that is over and I am pretty sure I am DONE with Mellow Mushroom for a while. It's not worth it. I love pizza and it is a WONDERFUL treat to get to have, but basically, I paid $20 for pain. Bad pain. Horrible pain. Would rather give birth again kind of pain!!!!!

Be careful as you eat out and don't be afraid to boycott a restaurant for a while if they have made you sick. Take to social media, tell all your friends and definitely let the restaurant know!!! My stomach hurts just thinking about the pain I was in...


  1. That stinks! I'm not sure if you have on near you, but BJ's Brewhouse offers a G-Free thin crust pizza. It's good, but the dough/crust was a bit gummy if that makes sense at all.

  2. I had the same thing happen to me, their pizza made me so sick. I can't even think about them without wanting to hurl. There is a place called Uncle Maddios (there aren't many) but they are so awesome about GF pizzas. They have a separate oven and when you order a GF pizza they change gloves and everything without you asking. Their pizza is amazing too, you would never know it was GF.

  3. I just found your blog!! I am a Military wife and also have celiac disease. There is a battery dinner coming up in December and I don't know what do to!! Do I just not eat anything haha what do you do?

    1. Miss Alex,
      Get your spouse to find out who is in charge of the event. Majority of the time, our events are at large hotels, Hilton, Sheraton, etc. They are used to catering to all sorts of needs from their guests. For this year's NAVY Ball, the committee contacted the Sheraton Waikiki and asked what would be gluten free. They actually had a meal option that was naturally gluten free, so I was able to eat.

      Usually at my husband's Christmas party, it's buffet and I'm not able to eat. I usually eat a peanut butter sandwich on my way (yes, all prettied up and I'm eating a PB&J in the car) and I make sure I have a protein bar with me.

      Bottom Line, contact the coordinator of the even! They are always your best bet!