September 27, 2012

Silkiest, Softest Hands.

I don't know about you, but I am pretty addicted to the sugar scrub I wrote for "Softest, Silkiest Legs". I absolutely love it! Infact, I used it last night. I have been wanting to write a scrub that uses coconut oil and is a little bit grittier, so it would be more like a hand or foot scrub. I had my little sister, Bradey in mind. She loves sugar scrubs and likes my first scrub but really would rather have a gritty scrub over an oily one. This recipe was pretty much written just for her!

I put Hadley down for a nap a little while ago and decided I would get to work on this little beauty! I want to take some over to a friend tonight because she is watching Hadley while Clint and I go to the Brad Paisley & The Band Perry concert. (Free tickets and VERY excited!!!!)

I really hope you enjoy this scrub as much as all of you have enjoyed the last one. Infact, that blog alone has 1.7 million hits, so apparently that scrub is a success!!! ENJOY!!!!

Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub
3/4c Coconut Oil (I used the Whole Foods Brand Organic Refined)
1/4c Olive Oil
2c Sugar
Zest of One Lime
Juice of One Lime (Came out to almost 1/4c)

Whisk together your coconut oil and olive oil until all of the lumps are out of the coconut oil. Begin to whisk in your sugar one 1/2c at a time. After you have added 1 1/2c, start using a spoon to combine. Add your zest and stir. (Picture to the right is before you have stirred, at this point, it will look like mashed potatoes with lime zest!!!) You want to add your lime zest and lime juice separately because if you at the same time, they will clump together. Finally, add your lime juice and stir. After you have added the lime juice the texture of the scrub with become smooth.

Please let me know how this scrub worked for you and PLEASE, share it with your friends!!!


  1. Can't wait to try this. I do have a suggestion though, one I use when cooking/baking with the coconut oil. Put the coconut oil into the microwave for a minute or so and it will soften considerably and be much easier for blending.

  2. Carissa, this all mixed considerably easy! And I thought about softening it up but didn't want it warm at all because it would make the sugar dissolve. :-)

  3. Carissa, this all mixed considerably easy! And I thought about softening it up but didn't want it warm at all because it would make the sugar dissolve. :-)

  4. Can this scrub be substituted on your legs like the other one you did? And how much does this make?

    1. In this recipe, the yield comes out to a little over double the quantity of coconut oil used.

      And yes! It's amazing on the legs a well! Gives you a deeper scrub!!!

    2. I've been using this recipe of yours for about a year now, and I LOOOOOOOVE it. I have never had such a close shave on my legs. Ever! It's great for exfoliating. I've made it as gifts and passed it on to my girlfriends and they love it just as much. I don't use regular shaving cream any more!

      I just wrote a blog post about coconut oil and tagged this post in it. Check it out! And thanks for the recipe!

  5. I made this today and can't wait to use it. The only thing I did differently was the oil. I and a good 20 minute drive from a whole foods so I went to my grocery store to get the ingredients; which is a whole mile from me. Unfortunately, the coconut oil I got was refined. :( You really want the refined to get the coconut aroma. So off to Whole Foods I go!
    I love scrubs and have always bought mine at Bath and Body Works. Wondering if using turbinado sugar (larger crystals) would work. My B&BW scrub has large crystal sugar.
    BTW the refined has a light rancid smell. My husband didn't think it smelled like anything.

  6. I mistakenly wrote you want refined. No, you don't. You want UNREFINED.