October 27, 2012


Down here in the South, football isn't just a sport, it's a way of life. Saturdays aren't just a day off in the weekend, they are holidays, and your schedule revolves around what time your team comes on.

Today, majority of my friends and family were bundled up in their favorite team's logo'd sweatshirt, with their favorite jeans and cute boots (ok, maybe just the girls in the "cute boots"), tailgating or sitting in front of the TV. Many of them were probably chowing down on some of their favorite cold weather foods and sipping on coffee and hot chocolate. Today, that wasn't me.

It was a windy, 70 degree day here in Northeast Florida. I tried to get all "fallish" by putting on my grey skinny jeans but then had to adapt to the weather and put on one of my favorite cropped sleeved Razorback T's and flip flops. We went out to run a few errands and go vote (you need to do that by the way...) and I was bummed when we drove through Dunkin' Donuts and I was forced to order an Iced Latte Lite, because the weather didn't permit it any other way. As we were waiting in line to vote, for about ten seconds the winds of Hurricane Sandy (AKA: Frankenstorm) were just cool enough that I put my cardigan on. For those ten seconds, I had a smile on my face and I knew just what I was going to cook when I got home, chili.

Last year I decided that I was tired of just throwing things together in the pot and it always tasting different, so, I finally wrote it down! Here's my chili recipe, which seems to be pretty popular with all those Navy boys that have eaten it! I hope you enjoy it as much as they do!


2lb Ground Turkey (You can substitute beef if you like)
1 (good size) Green Bell Pepper, Chopped/Diced
1 (good size) Onion (I like a yellow onion)
1T Salt
1T Pepper

Combine all of these ingredients in a large pot and let cook completely.

Then add:
1T Red Pepper Flake (or more if you'd like)
3-4T Chili Powder
1/2T Garlic
2-3T Italian Seasoning
3T Yellow Mustard
4T Worcestershire Sauce

Stir well and coat the meat.

Then add:
1 20oz Can of Petite Diced Tomatoes
1 20oz Can of Diced Tomatoes
1 20oz Can of Crushed Tomatoes
1 Can of Rotel (I use the "Original")
1 Can of Low Sodium Red Kidney Beans

Let simmer on Low for at least two hours, mine simmers for at least four, and then enjoy with any of your favorite "Chili Fixin's". The picture above was Clint's. I prefer my chili with just cheese on top and then I like to dip my Fritos so they don't get soggy. :-)

October 22, 2012

Here's A GIVEAWAY!!!

To kick start my new Facebook page, I'm doing a giveaway!!! It's for a jar of my new Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub. All you have to do is go to my Facebook and "LIKE" my new page!!! It's that simple!

Go like my page before November 6, 2012, because the winner will be chosen that night!!! All names (except my family) will be tossed into a hat and Hadley will choose the winner!!!

Thanks for all the support and keep your eye out for my new home, coming soon!!!!!

October 17, 2012

I'm on Facebook

Gluten Free Navy Wife is now on Facebook! It could be an easier way for you to keep up with any new recipes that will be posted! I am also doing my homework to have my own domain and branch out from the "blogspot" status. Any new updates will be posted here, on my blogspot and at facebook.com/glutenfreenavywife.

Thank you for reading and keep checking back for some new recipes created with some of Pamela's Products new mixes!!!