April 8, 2014

Review: Amy's GF Pizza

Whenever I purchase a gluten free frozen pizza, I never have high hopes. Honestly, I would rather be surprised than let down. This is one of the only times in my life that I look at the glass "half empty". I am SO glad I wasn't expecting much from this Amy's GF Pizza. It was even a let down for my "half empty" mindset. After taking one bite, I felt like my glass went completely empty.

The crust tasted like cardboard, the sauce didn't have much flavor, and the cheese didn't taste a thing like, well... Cheese. I know that everyone's taste buds are different, and some of you probably love this pizza, but I for one, do not. I want a pizza full of flavor and spice and cheesy goodness. It's not too much to ask for considering how far we have come in the flavor zone of the Gluten Free Market!!!

I know I will have some of you that disagree with this post and my opinion on this company's pizza, but I'm just letting you know that if you haven't tried this one yet, don't waste your $10 on it. Now, Amy's has other flavorful gluten free items so I'm not hating on the company all together, just the pizza!

Still on the quest for the BEST GF Frozen Pizza!!! I can definitely mark Amy's off the list!

1 comment:

  1. IMO, the burritos are YUMMY! Even my super picky hubby loved them! :)