February 10, 2015

Asian Quinoa Salad

My tastebuds are dancing right now, as I think about this dish. It is my new favorite and I think I cook it once a week. (I'm not kidding) It has everything I need in a full meal. You do not have to cook it as a full meal, you can always do the chicken on the side, but I had to take a dish to a meeting and I needed to provide myself with a full meal since I knew there would be nothing else there for me to eat. I wish I had the words to describe this dish, oh my goodness it's amazing! It's sweet and spicy and savory with a crunch from the toasted almonds and then you get hit with the chewy quinoa and the broccoli. Ok, really, I need to stop because it is not doing this one any justice. It's amazing. Make it and you will see! Have I ever let you down? Ok, don't answer that...

I really hope you take the time to make this one! I promise you will not regret it! If you do not like this one, then you don't enjoy Asian flavors because they are ALL HERE!

Asian Quinoa Salad

1c. Quinoa
1c. Water

1/3c. GF Soy Sauce
1/3c. Sweet Chili Sauce
1t. Sesame Oil
1 TINY dash of Rice Wine Vinegar, Maybe 1/8t. (it is very strong!)
1/2T. Sriracha
1/2T. Garlic (grated)
1/2T. Ginger (grated)

Mix together with whisk.

1 1/2c. Steamed Broccoli
2-3 Cooked & Chopped Chicken Breasts
1/4c. Toasted Slivered Almonds
3/4c. Finely Chopped Red Cabbage

Make your sauce and cook any ingredients that need to be cooked. Before you add any broccoli, chicken, almonds, or cabbage to the quinoa, add your sauce. DO NOT ADD ALL THE SAUCE. Take about 5T of your sauce and mix it with your cooked quinoa and taste it. You may want to add more, I usually do. After you've added your sauce to your quinoa, add your chicken and combine. Then add your broccoli and combine. The picture above has the cabbage and almonds layered on the top, because I was taking the dish somewhere and added the cabbage and almonds when I got there so they would still be crunchy. Feel free to do whatever you would like! After all the ingredients are combined, dish that puppy up and enjoy!!! I usually use some of my extra sauce and drizzle it over the top, I really could almost drink it. Really.